Editorial 1/2020

Dear readers,

during this year more changes were implemented in the Journal. The seat of the publisher has changed and the journal will be issued under new publisher International organisation ISEIA with the seat in Luxemburg. We also have new members of the editorial board, mainly from academic fie ld.

In this difficult time we come with new papers from the various areas.

The first paper from the author Paulina Filip is related to non-bank institutions on Polish market.

The second paper from the authors Šambronska – Matušíková brings results from the own research related to the status of the women on the turism market.

The third paper from authors Širá – Daňová is related to competitivenes of regions in the Czech and Slovak republic.

The fourth paper from the author Patrycja Wieczorek is related to comparative analysis and its usage.

The last fifth paper from the authors Hricová – Andrejkovič is analysing the disparities in GDP in the regions and points out the importance of the regional support.

We wish you all the best for the New year!


1. Non-bank institutions on the financial market in Poland
Paulina Filip

2. Position of women at the labour market in tourism

Šambronská – Matušíková

3. Konkurenčná schopnosť regiónov v Českej a Slovenskej republike
Širá – Daňová

4. The review and characterization of multivariate comparative analysis
Wieczorek Patrycja

5. Regional disparities in terms of GDP creation: Case study in the Visegrad Countries
Hricová – Andrejkovič