The publisher of the journal is The International Slovak Educational Institution and Association (ISEIA) with the seat in Luxemburg. 

Journal of Economic Spectrum is reviewed scientific on-line journal with the orientation on new trends, theoretical and practical questions of economy and economics. The journal is intended for specialists, scientific and teaching staff, doctorate students, university students and other people interested in education, science and research; regardless of the faith, political affiliation or nationality. First issue of the journal was published in 2005. During 15 years the journal has changed its face and also the members of editorial board. Journal keeps on its independency and editorial board works on the voluntary bases.

Reviews and publishing is free of charge.


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ISSN 1336-9105



Ing. Pavlína HEJDUKOVÁ, Ph.D., University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Economics



Ing. Matej BÓOR, PhD., University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of Economics, Slovakia

Ing. Jarmila BUCHOVÁ, PhD., ISEIA -International Slovak Educational Institution and Association, Luxemburgh

Ing. Monika DAŇOVÁ, PhD., University of Prešov, Faculty of Management, Slovakia

Paulina FILIP, PhD., University of Rzeszow, Faculty of Economics, Poland

Assoc. Prof. Mariola GRZEBYK, PhD., University of Rzeszow, Department of Economics and Management, Poland

Ing. Daniela HRICOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech university of Life Sciences, Prague, Czechia
Guangling CHEN, Ph.D., ELI-NP, High-Brilliance Gamma Beam, Bucharest, Romania, IT specialist
doc. Ing. Zuzana CHODASOVÁ, Ph.D., Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Department of Economics and Building Management, Slovakia
Ing. Lucie KUREKOVÁ, PhD., University of Economics Prague, Department of Economics, Czechia
Assoc. Prof. Agata PIERSCIENIAK, PhD., Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Management and Economics, Poland